Why Should I have video, I have a photographer?

Video tells your story in a different way. It’s moving, it’s alive and it’s exciting! Imagine having film of your great grandfather when he was a young man, seeing him as he was then, young and vibrant. Most of us have great pictures of our family, we sit around the coffee table and we really enjoy looking at them. They engage our imagination. A lot of times we rely on other family members to tell us the story of that particular photograph.Your greats won”t have to rely on story telling to explain who you are, they will be able to see, here and watch you on one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day! The day when two families become one.

What should I consider when choosing a package?

Basically you should consider how you want to construct this historical document. Do I want all the pre-wedding activities or do I only want my ceremony and reception. Most brides like their video to reflect the whole day. All of our packages include three locations, preparation location (usually the home), the church and reception venue.Consider travel times when deciding how much time you need. The Videographer needs at least an half hour to set up at the church. Photomontages, Love Stories, Highlight Reels and other add-ons are like putting icing on the cake, it makes your video more exciting to watch. We include the most popular add-ons in our packages.

Do you interview?

Yes we try to interview all your guest and family members.We consider interviewing to be a very important part of you video. We don’t just pass the mike around, we ask your guests questions that evoke responses that give insight into their relationship with the bridal couple. Your guests really find this to be fun and exciting which again makes your video really fun to watch.

Do you capture all the important events?

Yes we capture your ceremony from start to finish. All of the main activities at your reception are captured such as the the first dance,cake cutting, toasts, bouquet and garter, etc. We also consult with you about any special footage you would like captured. We capture your day in its entirety in a an artistic manner. Your final product will be exciting to watch, just like your favorite movie.

When do I supply the photos, music or other add-ons such as old films to you and when will I receive my video?

Its better to supply us with any add-ons during our pre-wedding consultations. You will receive your Wedding Video in six to eight weeks.