Capture One Video Offers Great Packages

All footage is captured on 1080 HD and edited utilizing Final Cut Pro. You will receive a 60 to 120 minute long video in your choice of High Definition Blu-Ray Disc (upgrade) or standard DVD. Of course if you have a long ceremony, your video will be longer. Most films average about two hours. Highlight videos are available at an additional cost. Many couples choose to show their Photo Montage or Love Story Video during their cocktail hour or during their reception, providing great party entertainment!

The Tony:

▪ 8hrs of Coverage
▪ One Full Version Video
▪ Music Overlay
▪ Transition Effects
▪ Titles and Invitation
Price: $895.00

The Oscar

▪ 10 hrs of Coverage
▪ One Full Version Video
▪ Three Highlight Video’s
▪ Photo Montage (up to 20 photographs)
▪ Music overlay (using your favorite music)
▪ Special Effects
▪ Titles,Invitation and Program
Price  $1295.00

If you need more than ten hours or less than 8, we can customize a package for you.

Customize Your Video

Second Camera (Ceremony Only) $350.00
▪ Adds more visual angles and shots to your film not possible with a single camera.

Second Camera (Full Wedding) $795.00
▪ Get more coverage of your event by adding a second videographer

Trailer (Edited to your favorite Song About 3 minutes) $95.00
▪ A dramatic interpretation of your day. Send to friends or post on social media

Love Story Video (Recreate Your Love Story) $350.00-3hrs
▪ Go back to that special place where you first met, your first date or shots of you and your loved one in your favorite settings.
▪ Set to your favorite songs with creative editing.

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage (Added To Your Video) $350.00-3hrs
▪ Your rehearsal dinner footage gives you the total coverage of your wedding day process, added to your main video to complete your historical journey.

Photo Montage $2.00 per photo

▪ Make a photo presentation using high school, family and engagement photos and of course those cute baby pictures to create this visual history.

Highlights Reel $295.00
▪ The excitement your day edited down to a 15-20 minute video.
▪ Includes all the main clips as well as all the important interviews.
▪ Creatively done, you will enjoy sharing this video with all your friends and family.

Existing Video Footage $5.00 per minute
▪ Add those videos or films that Mom and Dad took of you, your first steps, your first day at school etc. Adding these type of presentations makes your video a complete historical document.

▪ Blu-Ray Upgrade $200.00
▪ Extra hrs of coverage $150.00 per hr.
▪ Extra Copies (Full Video 2 hrs.) $50.00
▪ Highlights Reel Copies $25.00

Capture One Video also offers projection systems and  flat screen TV’s to show Your Love Story and Photo Montage video. Contact us for rental and set up fees.

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